Dr Henriette Cornet

Senior Manager - Knowledge & Innovation
Connected and Cooperative Automated Mobility
UITP - International Association of Public Transport
Brussels - Belgium




[1] H. Cornet (2012). “Sustainability screening tool for decision-making assistance in the field of urban mobility”, PhD thesis, Technical University of Munich.

Book chapters

[1] H. Cornet & G. Weber-Blaschke (2011). “Nachhaltigkeitsscreening innovativer Ideen und Konzepte”. In: Frank-Martin Belz; Ulf Schrader & Marlen Arnold (Eds), Mit den Kunden in die Zukunft. Nachhaltigkeits-Innovationen durch Nutzerintegration, pp. 195-214. München: Metropolis.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

[1] S. Stadler, H. Cornet, and F. Frenkler (2019). “Towards User Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles: A Virtual Reality Study on Human-Machine Interfaces”, International Journal of Technology Marketing, in print.

Peer-reviewed conference papers

[1] P. Kong, F. Vallet, O. Al Maghraoui, H. Cornet, and F. Frenkler (2019). “Seeking Emotions in Mobility Experience Elicitation: A Singapore-France Comparison” in Proceedings of the International Association of Societies of Design Research Conference 2019 (IASDR 2019), Manchester, United Kingdom.

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[3] H. Cornet, P. Kong, F. Vallet, A. Lane, and Y. L. Theng (2019). “Designing sustainable mobility for people at risk of social isolation - two cultural perspectives from Singapore and France,” in Designing Sustainability for All. Proceedings of the 3rd LeNS World Distributed Conference. Volume 2, Beijing, China: Ediziono POLI.design, Apr. 2019, ISBN: 978-88-95651-26-2.

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Other publications

[1] P. Kong, C. Landesvatter, H. Cornet, and F. Frenkler (2019). “Beyond Operational Improvement: A Qualitative Study on User Preferences for Public Transport in Singapore” in Proceedings of the 26th ITS World Congress, Singapore.

[2] P. Kong, A. Gill, H. Cornet, and F. Frenkler (2019), “Mobility Personas for Singapore”. TUMCREATE Ltd, Mobility Personas Cards licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Penny Kong Singapore, August 2019.

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